Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oh Time is flying!!

So I am missing the snow.....I haven't seen or felt anything close to snow except for in the freezer.... Haha! but it's been a good week!  We had the baptism of the last member of the family Freitas. It was awesome to complete a family!! Cicera Celene is the mother of Iverson and the aunt of Valeska.  I have lots of pictures to send this time. But our week also was a little sad because João Batista fell through on the last day.  He had been told lots of things bad about Mormons and figured out that Mormon is a nickname and after he simply didn't want anything more to do with the church and didn't want to be baptized anymore... its so stupid how someone can like the church and want to be baptized but once you hear gossip..... it wasn't very fun, but we will keep trying... the Lord has a plan and will prepare him. 

Its the last week of the transfer with my son!!!! :Oh Time is flying!! but we will try and find lots of people this week!  We have 2 people planned for this week.  We will work hard to prepare them for this week!

We had a good Christmas.  Ryan would be proud ... we did a work out and worked on getting some grande muscles! and....... ate lots of chocolate, ice cream, and coke....... haha We are all almost body builders!!!....

I just got the 2 packages you sent for Natal.  It was awesome! Thanks very much!!! And so you know we receive lots of Liahonas in both languages but the RC Liahona was really cool!

Love ya lots!!
Elder Bowden

It's Christmas!!!
Pizza with the zone for Christmas!

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