Monday, June 29, 2015

I had to sing a few hymns, but all is good!

This week was nuts well really just Domingo. It started off a good day.  We had a random person off the street have a "feeling in his heart to go into our church".  Then Maria Rita a RC (Rencent convert) was asked to give the closing prayer in Gospel Principles and she gets up and gives her testimony and what she's grateful for then sits down.  It was so awesome, everyone was just smiling because she didnt understand.  We had almoƧo (lunch) at a investigators house and my comp and I were being stuffed full of food so we started playing games while eating. Later that day we went to go teach Maria Rita and everything went awesome but as she was saying the closing prayer her ?nephew? walked in and she informed him he was interupting her prayer.  He left and came back after the prayer and started to chew her out.  I tried to tell him it was "all ok" because I didnt want him yelling at her and he just got mad at me.... and lets just say he left with plenty of threats. My comp was a tad concerned because he thought I was about to fight the guy for yelling at her. Twas crazy de mais!  I had to sing a few hymns, but all is good!  We gave a ward missionary training that night that went really well and hopefully it continues to go well!
I cant find skittles anywhere here or anything chewy... or Reeses! :) Oh I am thinking of buying a basketball so can you include a pump? Oh yeah question for ya, how much cash is available in my debit? I think I might try and remove some because we have to use a lot of busses in my area so I dont get much money for food. Oh cereal would be awesome! (have Ry approve before sending ;) haha
Missions are harder then everyone says but they help us become who the Lord needs us to be. Miracles are what we all want but not very many people see that God gives us more miracles and blessing then we need, we just have to look for them!
Love you guys tons! Have a wonderful week full of Charity!
Elder Bowden

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

It was a rough teaching week...

It was a rough teaching week... no one was in their homes!  We have a big area now so lots of walking!  It wasnt very great missionary wise, our baptism fell through, but we are gonna work hard this next week to try and get everything back on track! 

Aww man I miss everyone... but there are people here the Lord misses more so I will try and focus on finding and helping them! 

Ahhh high adventure good times... you need to have the boys try spear fishing next time! And keep me posted on Austy let me know if their is anything I can do, I keep him in my prayers!   And sorry mom, no new pics this week. We were spending some time in the crazy part of my area so I wasnt able to take any.   I'll try and get some good pics this week!

Love ya tons!!!!!
Elder Bowden
Last weeks pics were from the secretarias house, they live in the city!  

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Oh I had some narly cow intestines this week!

I am feeling good, everything is getting better now that I can mostly say what I want in portuguese :) How are you guys feeling?  Elder Benitez is a good elder.  He's just near the end of his mission so he is a little trunky.  This week was a little long.  It's a lot harder to stay focused on the work when you have a comp who can understand everything and likes to talk about what he will do when he gets home. I am trying and we are teaching alot... we will be more focused this week! 

I think it is more dificult to learn the language with an American because I can just ask for words but not remember them. With a native, I have to say everything in portuguese which helps me learn more but I'll try and make it more effective this week! :) 

Oh I had some narly cow intestines this week!  It wasnt too bad!  I liked it more before they told me what it was though! haha

My area is mostly the same.  We just got another area to work in since there are more elders leaving than coming out now.   There is a lot more work to do but it will all be good! Its getting hard to not write words in portuguese when I try to write in english!  :o

Have fun on your trip and have a great week!
Love ya!
Elder Bowden

Oh we had a talent show at the church and it was way weird... its brazil and some people are crazy! :D 
Here are some pictures of Fortaleza!

Monday, June 8, 2015

This week was a soul searching, revelation finding week for me!

This week was a soul searching, revelation finding week for me! Things have been crazy here since 26 missionaries are going home this week.  They are closing down my area and puting me with the district leader.  I'll stay in the same area with a new comp Elder Benitez,the other American! Oh we are ballers!   Only because no one else knows how to play very well here... its awesome! 

I have read a lot about faith recently and I am figuring out that I will always need more so I can do the miracles God needs me to do! Elder Benitez is a good elder and follows the rules, so its gonna help me learn the things I need to do so I can be a better missionary! Since they are closing an area, we are gonna have double the amount of people to visit so this next week is gonna be awesome, way busy!

I hope everything is going well, you will continue to be in my prayers!  Thanks for the pics!
Te amo
Elder Bowden

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The baptism was nuts!!!

The baptism was nuts!!!  We went to go and clean the font early in the morning and it was pretty gross, but we got it nice and purty-ish! haha! As we were filling it, we had tons of water problems.  It took us like 2 hours to fill that sucker! We used a fire hose, tons of buckets, it twas awesome! We made it happen! She is super solid. We will confirm her this week since we had conference last week! We have new investigators all the time, the hard part is sorting through the ones who are ready and who want the gospel!  

Haha I guess its a family thing cuz my intestines are not having a great time at the moment!  Either I am sick (I dont think) but I think I am preparing to start a worm farm inside me!  I am gonna call it "I got worms"... sound fitting?

 Oh will you fast for my comp and Austy, dont worry about me, I have too many blessings right now I can share! Tell Austy to buy tons of biscoitos =(cookies-ish) it might help him gain pure muscle :)  My comp is struggling with the "following all the rules wont bring happiness so we can bend a few of them".  I am trying to help him, but have realized that he just gets really mad when I suggest to do things differently.  I am learning lots of life lessons, I think they will come in handy anyway! Just to be really subserviant and not get mad at him for not being perfect or not wanting to change. We are here to learn and help others and often those lessons are really hard to learn the first time. Patience is key!  Dad and I are rocking the patience!  Thanks for your help with that Mom, I am learning! :)
It twas sweet... we played bball with my companions Americans vs South Americans!  It wasn't the fairest of teams, but it was what they wanted!  I missed basketball a lot!

It was a good week this week!  Learning a lot every week, it's hard but fun!  I will fast as well boa sorte!

Te amo
Elder Bowden

 Oh also can you send me some pics of when I had a beard and more of the family please?  I might have some pics on my old iphone? Can you send me Pook's email and thanks for all you do :)