Sunday, May 29, 2016

This week was full of awesome experiences...but you will have to wait till next week!

Sorry my zone got castigo (punished), so I only have a little time to email this week. This week wasn't very good for results of our work, but it was full of awesome experiences! I had 2 experiences this week where I was able to be taught and teach at the same time! It was really awesome! God was helping me a lot and I felt like I really had the chance to be an instrument in the Lords hands! It was awesome! We found a family who practically described the church when she said what she wanted in a church! We are gonna baptize this week and not be castigado, so I'll have more time to email next week... I hope!
Te amo!! I don't have any more time sorry!
Elder Bowden
Yes talks in the audio form please and just send the shoes in my closet please.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Problems with electricity and with the water... I hope I don't kill anyone with my smell!

This week was good, but crazy. We had 3 people who were prepared to be baptized this week. Josuel was one of them. The only sad part is that his wife didn't come again..... the others were Maria and Irismar! I took a picture. I just don't know if it will send, the computer is having some problems...  I took a picture of a monkey on the rooftops!  This week was crazy, had lots of stupid things happening, but we will keep working and have more success! The mission is going cray but it will get better, I hope! We will have a conference with Fortaleza East when Elder Christensen will visit our missions in like 3 weeks!
I saw my filho, Elder Chagas in the Conselho de Liderança (I don't remember how you say it in English). It was awesome! We got to go eat at a buffet with him and they charged him 10 reis more because of the amount of meat he had on his plate... he is a crazy and I taught him well :) Oh and my hair is getting crazy so I am gonna cut it today! Also we have been having lots of problems with electricity and with the water.  I didn't get a chance to take a shower, so I hope I don't kill anyone with my smell!.. but it will end alright, I have faith :D
Oh toothpaste, please send good toothpaste, the kind they have here is strange......  and my shoes... aren't gonna live too much longer but I'll try and find some new ones. I'll send photos. Oh I thought about queso... and well it would be really lovely to taste some if it not too much to ask? I miss good cheese... :P  
I am getting tired, but I'll keep working and hopefully I'll take a nap today! Love ya lots and thanks for the help :D
Elder Bowden

 Oh also if you could send a pen drive with the general conference and good talks that would be sweet!!!

Elder Perna e eu são doido!!

I have a new comp!

Don't send me the photos please:) haha I am getting trunky and I want to stay focused. The baptism didn't work out. she didn't go to church and the mom was having problems letting her be baptized with her grandma.... but we are working real hard and we will prepare 3 people for this week. Josuel is one who is preparing. He is going to church alone. He is way excited! He told me in church yesterday that his wife didn't want to go, "but he will help her". He is really awesome. He's already realizing the blessings to have the priesthood and trying to bring his wife and daughter! We also have 2 new visitors to prep for this week. Its gonna be a fast week but I have made plans to help them stay firm in the church and have friends!! :) 

So my new comp works hard and we will work good together but can be a little bit fubeca but I am gonna try real hard to help him be more obedient so he can give an example to a new missionary.
So I made a list of things I would like if possible: The packets of cheese of mac n cheese or shells and cheese (I don't need noodles) :D , jam(raspberry or some kind of delicious), peanut butter, skittles and salsa would be awesome,  and basketball shorts my size or a little bigger for other Elders, and pancake mix or a recipe? and photos of the baptisms so I can send letters to the RC to motivate them. My shoes have holes in the sides but I'll try and get them fixed here if I can. I'll send some pics when I have time :) I'll try and take a lot but its hard to remember... :( sorry!
Love ya lots, it was good to see you :) Vamos trabalhar até o pó!!!!
Elder Bowden

This was awesome to see godzilla!! He was just chillin!

Friday, May 6, 2016

Don't worry the Lord blessed me and I didn't die.

This week was good! We had Josuel visit the church for the 2nd time and he likes it a lot! He is praying a lot to get his response. The only bad part was his wife didn't go to church but she said she will go this week and they have a bap date for next week! It will be awesome! 
I got a new Comp!! Elder Correa, another Brazilian! He will arrive tomorrow and I'll have to plan with him how we are gonna talk with you guys and when! I went to the outskirts of the zone in a place called Itapipoca to do a training and some interviews this Saturday. It was nuts, we didn't get lunch that day so be bought some fried snacks and ate some ice cream, then started our fast!!! Don't worry the Lord blessed me and I didn't die. I just don't have plans to do that again... I took some pic out there and I'll send them. 
Oh also the tortillas were awesome! We just needed some good salsa to go with them! We are gonna work really hard and I am preparing a list of things I need.  It's mostly food but you know its definitely the essentials to survive ;) 
 I have been teaching lots of English so I can speak more or less now!! :) I am really excited to speak with you guys... its gonna be crazy! Have a great week and don't do anything crazy!!! I am going crazy because its p-day and I am gonna be free! haha

Love you lots! I am gonna keep working hard and I'll talk to you all about the mission in 7 days!!
Elder Bowden

Yummy tortillas!

The bus looks like a plane (bus to Itapipoca)

Sunday, May 1, 2016

PMG is helping a lot! I hope your using it!

This week was good but ended weird we are teaching a woman who had lots of problems and she didn't want to live anymore. It was nuts! She has had a really difficult life and didn't want to live any more. We have been teaching her for 2 weeks and she has changed completely and she wants to live! She is every day a happier person and has a desire to do what God wants her to do. Its awesome! The only bad news is she had a baptism date for this week but  she wasn't feeling good towards the end of the week (Friday) and we haven't seen her since. She said she wanted to visit the hospital, but we don't know where she is. We also had some others in the igreja, a family that is just starting out and liked the church a lot. They just need to get married. Hopefully they will here soon! 
Oh we also had a conference with half the mission! It was awesome... got lots of pics to send! And David is rocking it! We gave him a BOM in English and challenged him to see who can read it first! I am seeing more and more what the Lord expects of me and I hope that I can do my part.  PMG is helping a lot! I hope your using it with the YM/YW it will help a lot! 

Your gonna need to give Steve T a big hug for me when you go to see him in the hospital! So I think we are gonna have to try to call at 10:30 because after 4 your time I cant call. The only time we have is before you leave. I'll have to plan out everything with a new comp that I'll get next week, so its gonna be crazy but I'll try and let you know what will happen next time I email. 
Advice for Sister Jolley... start practicing the language now! You don't have a lot of time in the MTC and if she wants to have the most success... start practicing now. Or at least practice the lessons with her dad or something like that.
Love ya estou animado para falar com voces!
Elder Bowden

A photo with David! We are definitely normal!

2 of the elders in the photo photobombed the zone!

Isso é Geralda!

This picture with all of us was definitely award winning! :p