Sunday, January 10, 2016

I am gonna be a grandpa in the mission!

This week was crazy!  Our baptisms fell through until next week.  I am gonna train another missionary and my son is gonna train also, so I am gonna be a grandpa in the mission!!! haha  I am excited!  I learned a lot training and I hope to learn more this transfer! I have learned that sons test your patience and I am sorry for testing your patience because I was a crazy kid sorta...  :)

This week I need to do my goals for this year.  I think I'll do them today! But anyways this week was weird because we couldn't work the first day of the year because everyone was way drunk and it was safer not to work. They were using fireworks until 2 in the morning..... We got permission to watch Work and the Glory, which was way cool.

This week I had a lot of growth.  I am learning to be self sufficient spiritually and physically. The mission is crazy, always have new things happening, but this week will be awesome!  I will pick up my new son and start from scratch again!  It will be legit!
So give Gramps a big hug and ask him if he remembers that one time when we went to visit Aunt Christina at her care center and as we were leaving, an old lady in the hallway stopped us, looked directly at me, and said, "You dirty old man!" It was really funny!  
Oh we also had a sweet encounter with a friend of a Gpa!
Love ya lots 
Elder Bowden



  1. It sure looks like you are keeping busy and having some great experiences. Love the pictures! It's so good to see how hard you are working and how much you are looking for opportunities to serve and teach. Keep up the good work! Love and prayers from El Paso, Laurie Jensen

  2. love your smile keep up the great work elder :)

  3. love your smile keep up the great work elder :)