Monday, March 30, 2015

Prepare for awesomeness this conference!!!

So guess what??? I Dont have my visa!!!! haha I just wanted to say that! :) I am coming to realize my purpose here (CA) might not be some crazy reason, besides the fact that I need to share the gospel and grow to become a better disciple of Christ.  I have learned this through having to give a lesson in church on the life of Christ (but not focusing on the Atonement).  It was an awesome experience, because as a missionary I learn so much from the Spirit.  Like I do my job and prepare, but when I get there the Spirit takes me a whole different direction and I teach and learn stuff I didn't fully understand until it came out of my mouth!  As I have compared the miracles Jesus performed when compared to the atonement, they appear almost mundane in the fact of how great the atonement is! But as we compare it to our lives today, we often over look the everyday tender mercies of the Lord ... for example in respect to the "New Investigator" we find that day.  Studying the bible is something I have been taking for granted while on my mission, because I am primarily always in the Book of Mormon.  I mean we teach that they are both Testaments of Chris,t but the real question is how often do we use them to support each other in our studies?  This is just something I have found this week that I need to work on, but it is awesome to see how much the Lord is shaping me and helping me realize the path I need to go! 

I am somewhere in 3 Nephi.  I haven't been able to spend my time in the Book of Mormon lately.  I have been currently feasting on all sorts of doctrine!  Its been awesome, but I wish I had more time to read the BoM. Oh well, I have quite a while left on my mission and I can't learn everything in one day like I'd like, but have to grow day by day like everyone else!  Some of the topics were Christ/plan of salvation/BoM/ Special witness that will be given by all the apostles because they are all awesome and have super strong testimonies!   I am so pumped for the Prophets to scold us for not being perfect missionaries, so we can kick ourselves in gear and hasten the work! Ahhh I am ready to feast on their counsel... its gonna be awesome!!!! 

Oh a package... that sounds B-E-A-UTIFUL haha Thanks I would appreciate it a bunch!! 
Prepare for awesomeness this conference!!! 
Com muito amo,
Elder Bowden

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Lord blesses me so much its amazing!

So a bunch of missionaries just got their visas like I am the last one to go I think?? One Elder had his FBI clearance just finish and in for a week and he got his Visa... it was narly!   I obviously still have a work out here to do... so I am working hard to get it done! I am staying with my trainer this transfer again so I will "kill" him because this is his last transfer. I am gonna make him work hard so that we can be on the ball and not let him slack off!   Oh so I found one of the reasons I came down here!  We helped an investigator get baptized!  We were the missionaries that had a accidental lesson with her that helped her decide to get baptized! It was Awesome!  So the Lord will place you where you need to be!  We are teaching some new investigators and they are on the ball... its awesome!  Hopefully they will keep progressing!! 

Oh I went on an exchange with a Spanish missionary and straight had the gift of tongues because I was all fluent and speaking so fast!  It was So Awesome! The Lord blesses me so much its amazing! He just helps me renew my efforts all the time, especially with Portuguese, since I don't have time to study or really many opportunities to practice. He helps me realize I need to prepare before he will give me those experiences!

So I almost got nailed by a car!  It was crazy!  We were cruising down hill on the side walk and my comp decided to switch onto the road off a ledge thing/ ramp and I didn't want to lose him, so I followed but didn't have time to look back and almost got nailed by a car!  It was narly!  The Lord has my back and guardian angels are working overtime!  

Aww that is an awesome picture with Justin and Elder Bednar... so jealous!!!!

Be safe and learn by the Spirit! 
Com amo,
Elder Bowden

Oh my camera died and I cant find my charger so no more pics till I can get a new charger for the battery.  Ask Meag if you have any questions, she has the same camera. I made some almost lasagna... it was sweet! I also had this delicious sandwich made of: cookies n creme ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, and cookie dough... it was nuts! Oh and my watch is destroyed!  I would have sent a pic but my camera is dead sorry.. :P  

Monday, March 16, 2015

The gospel can apply to like everything! Its awesome!

So this week was intense!  It started off with losing to my comp at Phase 10 in Gramp's honor on P-day.  One of the cool parts of this week is that we had a special mission fast to raise our expectations and we had so much more success!  It was awesome... like our numbers practically doubled!  Fasting is a key to receiving blessings from the Lord! 

Yes, Chino is in our mission so probably like 20 miles out from here I think??  There is a member in our ward who is awesome.  He was talking to us about his life and I have just been realizing how blessed I was growing up with a good family and not having to worry about being beat up or stabbed as a kid...  Just be grateful for the trials we are sparred from having!  Oh and I also found this arborist member and we talked trees for a while and then related it to the gospel!! Gary would be proud!! The gospel can apply to like everything! Its awesome!

So I left my scriptures at home, so no verses, but in 1st Nephi I realized how important family history work is.... so go and find it?! :)  

Yeah I have been snacking all the time so I figured out how to not be lazy/eat less snacks, which was to have to do a certain amount of push ups per snacks!  Its awful, but I am definitely becoming stronger, so it balances out!  Dedication is key especially for missionary work.  The Lord will help you in all aspects as long as we do our part, meaning we have Faith that he will help if we strive to do our part 110% and we have a righteous goal! 

 I will do My part out here... keep doing Yours! :) 
Love, Elder Bowden

My fellow Brazilian Elders in Rancho!
My crazy comp and his lava lava!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Its awesome here... Love it!

 Its great how much I get out of rereading scriptures on different days, there is just so much to learn from them.... One day when I am an old man.... I will probably still be saying this... haha now I know how Gramps feels! He would probably give me a whack if he was next to me right now... good old Gramps...Happy Birthday!  

 Oh just so you know I am starting to feel like Nephi, you know when he says "large in stature" but.... only in my legs... biking all day everyday changes a man! :D  Like my suit pants are getting a little tight so I might have to send them home before I rip them... maybe? Oh I am keeping the ice cream up but it is starting to effect my gut.   I am on 25 days of eating ice cream every night! pretty impressive?? haha I am trying to over dose so when I get to Brazil I don't like it and lose weight.... sounds like a bad strategy because I don't think I will ever hate ice cream! 

Well bad news, both of our members canceled on us so we had to reorganize our plans.  It's sweet because there is tons of work to be done so we are always busy!  Oh well its awesome that some of the members are starting to like us a lot so hopefully they will trust us teaching their friends. The ward is super important... got to keep working everyday on helping those we can.   Its awesome here... Love it!  Fasting for miracles is awesome... cant wait to get back to work and serve! 

Elder Bowden

Monday, March 2, 2015

I love the scriptures... they rock my socks!

This week was sweet... 1st day we got taken out to Black Angus Steakhouse... oh it was scrumptious!!  After that I went on splits with Elder Millano and he is pretty legit! We talked forever and then had a Portuguese day of studying.  I learned a lot!  We went over a lot of the basics to refresh me because I don't have much opportunity to use what I have.  Oh while I was on exchanges we went to this Mexican family's house for burritos and the dad wanted to pull a prank on me and gave me these chilies to eat.  He was all surprised when I asked for more chilies!  It was great!  There are some awesome people here and its great to talk and get to know them!  My comp and I are gonna tract pretty hard this week to find more people to teach!  We want to take Bro Lopez along, who is this slightly intense member, but he brings a lot of members to church so we will guide him to those that need the gospel! It will be sweet.  An RM (Returned Missionary) who came back this week, said he would go out with us too so it will be awesome! 

Oh I am getting so much awesome stuff out of the war chapters in Alma it is sweet!!! Like I love the scriptures... they rock my socks!  I always feel I don't have enough time to read them!!! The stripling warriors are so legit!  I wish every missionary could be like them, then miracles would be happening everywhere!!!!!

I gave an awesome JW a BOM last week!  She is legit!!!  I gotta check up to see if shes reading it.  If she does she will be golden!!!  Life progresses and so does the work!  Live the gospel and you'll be happy... plenty don't and they struggle being happy.  

Love Elder Bowden

This is my apartment on my first day!
My zone leader Elder Jones