Thursday, July 28, 2016

I am just gonna spend a lot of time on my knees and it will work out!

July 25, 2016
Another family was partly baptized this week... Diego and Diogo (twins but not identical) We are working with their mom.... but I am confident that her sons will help her! This week was crazy! We had lots of people who didn't want to go to church and put the world first... but it will get better! We talked with everyone and they realized the blessings they missed out on! We also have Daniele who is legit!  She went to church and liked it a lot and hopefully it will work out. She takes the Livro de Mormon to work and reads it when she can there!!! The fam of 12 is really hard to focus all at once so we are trying to work with the older ones and then the younger.  It's really crazy to teach them all at once.... haha!
 I stayed with my comp for another transfer but almost every dupla changed in our zone!  We lost a lot of good missionaries, so this transfer is gonna be a hard one. We are gonna have to train a lot of missionaries..... but I am just gonna spend a lot of time on my knees and it will work out!  I'll have interviews with my president this transfer and I'll ask him about coming one week ahead, but I'll pray about it and let you know! We are gonna play some crazy basketball today. It's gonna be legit, except for the fact that no one else knows how to play... haha!  
Estou doido e feliz!!
Love ya lots!!
Elder Bowden
Erica (mom) Diego, Diogo, and Edwardo!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Time is going fast and I have tons to do!

Essa semana foi bom por nos mas.... não pela zona....(this week was good for us but .... not the area) We had the baptism this week of Jessica and she has only..... 11 siblings! It's awesome to teach afamily of this size! We are working on trying to get all of them to church, but the mother prefers to take them to the beach, so its a little hard but it will work out!! We have another family that is working on being baptized this week. It's just a little hard for the youth because here they have so many bad influences... but it will work out. We will have them go to church for activities all this week if we can. The zone is a lot better and we have a lot of dates for this week. Hopefully we can make up for these past 2 weeks!

This last week I was thinking a lot about Helaman 5:44,49 About the spiritual experiences we have and how the Lord knows that satan will attack those spiritual experiences and will cause us to doubt.We had a very long conference this last week that spoke about spirituality. It was sad to see how many missionaries are lacking this..but I have time to help everyone get better with this trait!! I will be the oldest LZ (Zone Leader) in the mission after next week!! :O haha time is going fast and I have tons to do!

Oh also I wanted you to take out money to pay for the last 5 months of my mission. I keep forgetting to ask, but this week I remembered :) Dad I'll save the crazy experiences for when I get home. Velveeta is gold here! All the missionaries love it and skittles!! They work miracles!!

Love ya lots, thanks a ton!
Elder Bowden

Sunday, July 17, 2016

I was almost American and ate hot dogs for the 4th!

Oh snap this week was a hard one! We had lots of problems this week... lots of dates falling through and we are way short of our goals...but we are gonna work hard -ate o pó- this week and hopefully have some good results. I am in need of some prayers! We need to work a lot so we can have success. I was almost American and ate hot dogs for the 4th! and I ate açai... it was awesome!! I didn't plan my hour of email really well so my email wont be too long this week, sorry! But I am happy and working, trying to become better! I'll try and read the FHE you sent next week if I have time... :O
but Love ya lots!!

Elder Bowden

Oh we will have zone conference this week! :O

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

I took a rock as a souvenir of the temple grounds

So this last week I have eaten very very unhealthy... eating cheese, and then more cheese, then açai, then ice cream, then more cheese, and then more ice cream...... and lets just say that my soul has been rejuvenated by the jam and cheese, but my belly has been growing.... but it was totally worth it!!! Thanks, that cheese is super good! haha

We are taking care of a huge zone and having to spend like 1/3 of our money on only buses.... its crazy. We had to do lots of interviews this last week. Almost our whole Saturday was just going to interview people and it was really cool.We had an experience with a woman who had a addiction to cigarettes and she didn't have a great desire to be baptized. By the end, the Spirit gave her the desire to stop and set her own goal for this week! It was awesome! Also I went to Novo Aldeota to help some missionaries who work in a huge area. I got to go look at the construction of the temple there and I took a rock as a souvenir of the temple grounds :p I'll send the pictures if I can. We went to a crazy internet house....

But it was awesome... there was a 18 year old preparing for baptism and he read a scripture and interpreted the scripture wrong.  I was a little nervous but when we started teaching, and I had no idea how to explain, but the Spirit did and taught us all. As we were leaving, the elder who was with me looked at me and said "I am glad you explained that scripture so well" And I said, "It wasn't me." It was really cool.  This area is a lot easier to get people to the church. What is hard is keeping them there. But Elder Christensen spoke about why we need to help them recognize the experience they are having! We have more or less 3 families that we are trying to help have these experiences, but we need more ideas for FHE.  If you can help that would be great!

It was an awesome week! I'll try and do something American today... maybe eat ice cream or a hot dog!! woot woot!! Love ya guys lots! The package has been awesome!!!  but I miss my old shoes with their holes... they had air conditioning :D
Elder Bowden
The dirt is the ground of the temple, the others are part of my zone  

Ground work for the temple!