Sunday, April 24, 2016

There is a tiny monkey in the pic, you just gotta find it!

The cool part about the week is that David (who was confirmed this week) was helping us teach his brother and sister-in-law, and he was teaching and telling them what they need to do to come to Christ!!! He is gonna go teach with us this week and its gonna be sweet! And no Bruno has problems now and cant get married till he gets divorced... but we had a baptism of a lady named Geralda.  Our zone is becoming better and more effective and we are teaching a lot!!! We have a lady(Andrea) that has been going through some hard times. We have been teaching her and she has a date for this Sunday!  Hopefully it works out!  
There are 18 people in my zone and I was thinking about giving them rewards. We tried it but like what reward is bigger than the love for Christ? Our president tried it as well, but he just did it with the minimum that everyone did their part every week for a month, and it still didnt work. But I think I can give it a shot.  I just have to work it right with a group small enough that I can control. Its worth a shot.  Ill try and give my missionaries more desire to work harder! Oh and if you can send a cheep pair of basketball shorts that would be great... there is an Elder that needs a pair.

Oh and I am having the same problem as dad with his mouth.
I got the photos of Melquisedeque this week but I need the others. I'll try and send them to you!!

Love ya lots and thanks for everything!!
Elder Bowden

There is a tiny monkey in the pic, you just gotta find it! I was slow with my camera and didn't get a good pic.... :( but ill try and send a video.

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