Monday, August 8, 2016

This week was really blessed.

This week was really blessed.  We had tons of success. We just need to help our zone pick up the pace! haha  Daniele, who had to give up coffee, got a massive headache for almost the whole week because of withdrawls... she went to the hospital and couldn't work. It was crazy, but she pressed through and was baptized on Saturday. It was sad for me, because I had to go interview a woman in another area and couldn't stay for the baptism.... but I was there to confirm her while my companion had to leave to interview another woman.... It was crazy but it worked out good! We also had a reunião de distrito (district reunion) this week with district Novo Aldeota. A group of elders that are crazy! :P We are gonna have a zone meeting this week and hopefully we can teach the Zone the importance of setting goals that you can achieve but will make you stretch! Hopefully our zone will work hard and have success!!!!!!!! My interview will be next week. I think it will be the 17th but I am positive it will be next week!

We are working with some other families this week and I hope we will have success! One in particular is a woman who was baptized 20 years ago and she loved going to church this week.  She has 5 sons that aren't baptized and are planning to go to church with us this week. It will be awesome!!!  We are eating really healthy and the other photo is of the buses that we have to take.... we take buses so much in this area that a lot of our money cant be spent on stuff delicious... :P  But I am feliz and working até o pó!!!
Te amo!!
Elder Bowden


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