Monday, October 17, 2016

I got transferred!!!!!

I got transferred!!!!! :( We have some great families that are gonna get baptized this transfer and I am gonna miss it... but I'll have them send me pictures... My comp left the area as well, but my son, Elder Chagas, will come and baptize them and send me the pictures. haha It's really crazy to think that I'll have a new area for my last transfer, but I am gonna have a comp that is really cool. It will be great because I'll probably see him when he finishes his mission because he lives in Utah!! Its gonna be a long day trying to say goodbye to everyone! But it's life... and in life everything is "crazy".

We had a good week. We found another family that are related to the family we are teaching. It was really cool. They are searching for an answer and are excited for church! I am gonna go to a zone near where I started and I think Pres will let me visit some of my RC before I leave. I am gonna try and send letters to everyone, its just hard to find time to write them... 

This week I had a chance to interview another woman that was having some doubts. I think its really cool when you can help people recognize for themselves the answers that God has been giving them. She started with a little bit of doubts and fear but she left the church almost jumping and said that I had to be there for her baptism! I didn't get the chance to watch, but she had the Elder send me pictures.

It was a good week, not very much craziness happened. I'll let you know how this next week goes!!! It is my b-day in 2 weeks-ish :O craziness I am getting very old!

Love ya lots
Elder Bowden

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