Tuesday, October 4, 2016

We worked hard and got some sweet blessings!

This week was nuts for us... we were so busy working in the area of the other missionaries that we lost almost 16 hours of work in our area.. but we worked hard and got some sweet blessings!  We have 3 people with baptismal dates for this week(Caua, Ryssa e Brito) and a familia that went to church that loved it! We will follow up with them today and mark baptismal dates. It is way cool to see the Lord blessing us with better results when we use lots of our time to help the other missionaries. We have 3 more exchanges planned for this week! It should be good! We are gonna work with some of our Liders de Distrito and train them how to better manage their districts. 

We had lots of problems with the connection to conference so I didn't get to listen to many of the talks. I'll try and find some time to watch. I'll try and put them on the pen drive you gave me. I just need to find a speaker for it because the missionary that had one left the zone... :(  I really liked Quinton L Cook's talk about looking beyond the mark. I could see how I have done it in the past and how lots of investigators do it as well. Ronald A Rasband was awesome. I need to listen to them more.  It was way good! I will try and find some way to listen to them. 

Oh we have some people who are helping me a lot with the work here and they all like peanut butter! So if you could send 3 peanut butters to me that would be awesome!
So I got Brit's message but still haven't received an answer, but I'll let you know when it comes.  For now I just have the passagem that he bought a couple weeks ago. 

Love ya tons! Have a great week!
Elder Bowden

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