Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fabio was baptized!

Haha, sorry Mom, I write the things that I can remember in my journal but by the time I get to email, it all goes away!  I guess you can just read my journal when I get home! :)

This week was awesome! We baptized Fabio and are teaching a lot of families.  We have too many families to write about each one, but one I will write about is a family that is less active. It is sad to me how some people can know the gospel is true but be too lazy to drive to church.  They like to make lots of excuses like, "I want to return with full honors and be super active, but..."  or they like to say that they will go when "the Lord Touches their hearts".... He is waiting for a miracle but doesn't want one to happen... It's very sad, but you know, I know the Lord doesn't want me to give up on them.  I know I can see the Lord do miracles, I just need to be patient and keep trying! 

Oh, I also had sting ray this week! It tastes like fish! haha! nothing special.  Hopefully we can help others be baptized this week. I will let the Lord do his miracles!

Sorry I had a problem with myldsmail so I don't have lots of time today... :(  My comp will send a letter to you guys soon!   

Have a great day!  Love ya!! 
Elder Bowden

Fabio was baptized!
I also had sting ray this week! It tastes like fish! haha! 

We played bball with the ZL´s today... was awesome! 

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