Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It was a good week!

Today I have more time mom so I will write more about my week....
So this week was nuts, but ended up good and fun! So my comp is really focused on baptizing. It's his main concern, and because of this we had a good discussion about our purpose as missionaries.  It twas really.... really... fun... but we talked about it a lot.  We came to the conclusion that he just wants to baptize every week and that I want to help everyone, especially the new converts, the best I can. So I am gonna have to work really hard to help the people we baptize be prepared for it, and to help them stay active. Retention is a very big problem they have here. Most of the recent converts are inactive but we are working on motivating the ward to retain them so we can focus more on finding new people to help and less on keeping those we have. 

So this week we found a bunch of good potentials that have a member friend and we will be working with them.  One family, in particular, is Ismael's family. He is very poor.  He is one of three kids that were adopted because their parents were drugies and his wife is too. But they are great people, full of love.  The kids are always hugging everyone, its awesome!  We are trying to help them so they can be clean of drugs and be baptized. 

Oh another story I want to share is our baptism we had planned for this week fell through, so my comp abandoned our appointments, and convinced the mother of a teenager that had been going to church for some time, to let her son be baptized. He wanted to be baptized this week and within 3 hours we had a baptism. I am still trying to figure out if it is necessary to teach most of the lessons before baptism, if they want to be baptized... but we will be teaching him this week, and everything will be ok.

We played some Ultimate Frisbee with the ZL´s today!  It was really awesome, I love sports!  It was a good week!  We will find and prepare more people to walk the path back to God. It's gonna be crazy :) 

Love you, 
Elder Bowden 

Oh and this is a family that gives us good food!!!!  ... but not as good as home... so don't remind me of the good food we have in the states! haha But keep feeding the missionaries there good food!!! 
Oh and tell Brit they sent me back the money I paid to get her package!

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