Friday, November 27, 2015

AWWWW its a week of craziness!!!

AWWWW its a week of craziness!!!  My comp and I are leaving the area!!!! But we're not going very far! I am gonna miss this area. I have been here for 7 months, but a new area will be really fun! I have a lot of things to do and people to see before I leave. Oh and I will BE A FATHER!!!!! hahaha! In the mission, that is, because I will train this transfer!! I am way excited to train! We are finally receiving more missionaries than we are losing! In my new district, we are both training! Its gonna be awesome!

This week was... well this transfer was awesome! We worked on baptizing part member families and it was so great! We had lots of help from the Lord! I hope I can do the same in my new area because the Joy it brings is so amazing! We had 3 other baptisms... one of which said when we were teaching her... "Why couldn't I have found this sooner!" That was so awesome! We had so many blessings this week and a lot of lessons that I needed to learn with my comp, haha, my patience has definitely grown!  I know that the Lord has blessed me so much and is helping me to become better each day so I can be a more effective tool in his hands! I have received some presents from the ward. I'll try and take pictures!

Love you and I am really grateful for your prayers!
I'll try and eat a delicious pizza for the holidays!
Te amo
Elder Bowden

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