Monday, November 9, 2015

I am learning tons with my comp.

So this week was a little crazy!  We were preparing for five baptisms but three will happen this coming week. After the baptism they all said they want to be baptized this week and one of the Grandmas that was there said she wanted to be baptized too!  It was awesome... she reminds me of Grandma!  We are gonna try real hard to make these last 2 semanas (weeks) together a flood of covenants... its gonna be way awesome! 
I am learning tons with my comp.  He can be a little difficult, but I can definitely see what the Lord wants me to learn! I am looking back and noticing the importance of my comps in preparing me to set my path straight, so that nothing can stop me from looking forward to the tree of life and holding fast to the Word of God that He has prepared to help me and others along the way!

Um Christmas package... thin mint cookies from Walmart  (send the cookies in zipblock bags because I need bags please) and the same kind of peanut butter! More candy it works miracles!!! haha Star Bursts? And the cereal is worth its weight in gold!  ...but I am out of peanut butter... haha!  I need more pictures :) new pics please!! 
I don't know where the time is going anymore! The days pass faster than should be possible... but the work is going and I will keep going with the pace of the Lord! 
I miss and love you! Do your best!
Elder Bowden

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