Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My new companion is from Brazil!

My new companion is from Brazil, so I wont have to teach the language.  I just need to learn to speak without an American accent. He is good, just a little young, but we will work good together!

But anyways this week was a little crazy. We had a recent convert leave after sacrament furious because of a misunderstanding, but we went there and fixed her problems. I am learning just how important it is to have the confidence of those you work with because when you have that, the rest is easy.  If we just help them learn for themselves to not give up on the church because of the people in it but to stay focused on Christ and the real purpose of church!

This week was a little hard because everyone was out of town, but lots will return soon, so it should be an awesome week! Sorry I didn't manage my time very wisely this week and don't have much time, but I'll do better next week!

Love ya
Elder Bowden

The friend of Grandpa was the turkey!!! and I'll send a picture of my mission family!(without my father)

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