Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The blessings that came!

So this week was really nuts! We were "punished" again last p-day and had to use half of our p-day doing contacts.  At the time it felt like a big punishment, but the blessings that came from doing it were awesome!!! We got in the habit of just talking with tons of people and inviting them to visit the church with us. We found lots of people who are awesome and are preparing for baptism! We started off with a woman who had lots of questions, but we started talking with her and she turned out to be looking for a church and wanted to visit. We were answering all her doubts and preparing her and her family for batismo!  Its gonna be great!  They have a date for 31 of Jan.

We also found a man, Vander, who's daughters are members. He has never had a desire to be baptized but we talked with him and at the end he was asking if I could baptize him.  It was way awesome!  He is preparing for this next Sunday!!! Along with another young man, Danilo, with a date for this Sunday!!! :)

There was another woman who was sitting outside her house with her daughter, and we had passed her, but I felt a desire to speak with her, and so we turned around and talked with her. Dôra said that she had been waiting 20 years for someone to talk to her and had been feeling a great desire to visit the church.  She knows that God has answered her prayers and wants to be baptized! :D   It was incredible!  We were working really hard and the Lord was Working with us...it was really awesome!

My comp is young and likes to try and push my buttons but I am gonna try and learn to show love when its hard because I know its what Christ would do. My second "son" is gonna be a little harder than the first, but its God showing that he wants me to grow and change my weaknesses into strengths. 
Love the mission :) and Love You guys also! Awesome experiences!!!
Elder Bowden
Bispo taking a selfie of the baptism, it was awesome!

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