Thursday, September 29, 2016

I received my flight plans.

This week was crazy as usual. We did some exchanges with some elders that work near the coast and their area is full of people, just loaded! They just have been having problems with the work. Its really strange seeing my progress through others.  Seeing the same problems they have, that I had not too long ago. But this next week will be hard. Almost everyone is having lots of problems and so we will have to try and fix it. One of us will be out of our area more days than in our area, but it should work out. We have another referencia from the young man who has a baptismal date for this week!! Our RC (recent converts) are needing lots of support.... It is really hard to do all that you need to when you don't have lots of time.... just have time to do whats most important. 

I received my flight plans. I'll get home Nov 30, at noon I think... I haven't looked at it much. I'm trying to not get trunky, so I tried to loose my flight plans!... :P   I am still a little sick, but I should be better by this week!

Love you lots, have a great week!!
Elder Bowden

ish fotos são muito legal!!!
feliz aniversario!!!!! velhies!!! :D

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