Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First week out!


My comp is Elder Hammer and he is from Utah- he's cool just like me but like 6 in. taller than me... ahh its all good, we mess around all the time.  District is full of smart people, they are catching on to the language except my comp has a hard time memorizing things but we are working on that.  My understanding of Portuguese is so much better now.   Mom can you look for my highlighters, you don't need to buy new ones or send me the old ones, I just need my key I had written on it for what each color represented. Ill keep you posted on the converter!

All that snow tho... it hasn't snowed since i got here but there is still snow everywhere!!! Snowball fights are against the rules which is really unfair to us that have only seen snow like 4 times in our lives.... but its all good.  I am too busy for snow! Constant learning and studying and teaching is what makes up my day. 

So anyway first day was sweet!  I was answering all these questions and translating what the teacher was saying, it was awesome! My comp was like "Can you translate everything he just said?" because he was a little lost! On my third day I taught the class for like 2 hours it was sweet! I might have to again for the first vision which I have got memorized in Portuguese!  We have taught 3 lessons so far and the first one was the best! We got him to come to church- still working on the baptism! We have been trying but he hasn't been very receptive but hopefully our next lesson will be a bomb and we will get him to commit!

 I saw 3 people I knew and they are all going to Brazil one of them is from Marcus's ward and I think her name is Rachel???? I saw Elder Slade who used to be in our stake, and the last person was from EFY! 

The spirit is way strong here all the time!  I get to go to the temple later today- I am way excited!  Quick Portuguese for you:  Meu companieros estamos servir em brazil 7 Elders and 3 Sisters. haha i don't know what else to say. Oh my teacher invited me to go into a lesson with just my scriptures and leave my lesson in the class and rely on my faith and the spirit to help the investigator.  It was crazy, I was able to answer every question! It was sweet! 

Elder Bowden

Oh and I am gonna need a cord to send pics, I will figure out which one and let you know!  Oh and by the way I cant remember if I paid that last 3 dollars in tithing so if you could help a brother out that would be great!

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