Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The work is Wonderful and progressing!

Oi meu pais,

Nos estamos muito bom, eu sinto muito feliz y o espirito santo todos os dias. ( Hello my parents, We are very good, I am very happy and feel the Holy Spirit every day.)    Ahhh that's weird, Jimmy married already!!!! OK I'll fast with you guys if my comp will let me, he worries about me fasting, but I love to see the blessings and the miracles that come when I fast!  Everyone complains about the MTC food but I have decided that its awesome!  Curses!! 4 other missionaries got their visas the other day... at least there is some progress.  
Dad- Megamind is a beautiful movie! And ahh nice that camp out sounds like so much fun... way jealous- have them work hard! 

The work is Wonderful and progressing!  We learn and grow everyday, it just depends if we are able to see how the Lord is shaping us!  Oh I had a lot of fun- I invite you to try and apply some scriptures to your life, it helped me realize what I need to work on and how it can help me with it!  I applied Alma 4 and I changed some of the wicked acts to problems I need to fix in my life.  The highlight of the week would be when I fasted and saw the miracles come and when I was at the temple... it was awesome- couldn't stop smiling the rest of the day!  Oh another cool thing was the parable we sort of made about the plan of salvation when compared to a school! It was WAY sweet!  Eu amo voces muito e espero que fique forca em o envangelo! ( I love you guys a lot and hope that you keep being strong in the gospel!) 

Com ama,
Elder Bowden!

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