Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Oh it's awesome out here!

No Batman is gone but my voice is now a little deeper! I mean I was praying for my height (inside joke because I am the shortest elder in my district) and I got a deeper voice!  

Oh I love teaching lessons.  It is so much fun to talk in Portuguese especially with members who know all these crazy words and you just have to go by the spirit to tell them what they need to hear!  Had a sweet lesson with one of our investigators yesterday.  We planned to go teach about the plan of salvation, but when I got in there I just talked about the book of Mormon.  I was pretty confused at what I was saying, but it was sweet, almost got him to accept the invitation to be baptized. (I wasn't taking no for an answer!) So we are gonna teach about how he needs to prepare for baptism next lesson!  

I definitely call dibs on coaching bball when I get home, that sounds sweet!   I remember the good old days of bball!  Oh can I get another shirt and some shorts... that would be way nice.  Sweet dreams dad! Well you can take that either way.

Oh it's awesome out here!  I am learning all these things. My comp is still struggling with the lingua but I am praying for him and working with him so we will learn it!  Dad play safe!  I am the one who has the good insurance (angels everywhere)!

OK I am trying to send some pics.
Com amo,
Elder Bowden

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