Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So glad I am here to serve!!!

Oi!   I cant send pictures this week, the computers that could send the pics were down so I'll try and get some next week. My comp is doing well, much better with the launguage.  I still give most of the lessons because he struggles with figuring out how to say things, but he's getting a lot better which is great.  I have been praying and seeing the Lord's hand throughout the day. Ohhh and that's sweet, baptisms are always cool to watch how it changes your life. 

Most of my district is going to Rio de Janero or Londrina Brazil, but me, my comp, and this super awesome sister are blessed with Fortaleza!  Ohh I got this SWEEEET virus that made me sound like batman in the morning.  It was narly, definitely didn't improve my singing, just made me think of batman stopping in one of his movies and start singing hymns in his deep voice... anyways I am practically done with my throat problems so its all good.

 I am starting to really enjoy talking to people in Portuguese. My comp and I will just go around and talk with teachers, its sweet!  Oh my comp got a black eye this week from basketball, it was crazy his eye was huge.  You learn to be grateful for a lot of blessing you used to take for granted before the MTC. So glad I am here to serve!!!   Keep rocking that Christmas tree till i get home :) 

Com amo,
Elder Bowden

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  1. Yea for you, Elder Bowden! It sounds like you are doing really well in the MTC. I'm sure you will be confused as a native when you land in Fortaleza! We think of you and pray for you to be successful in your preparations to serve there, and know that you will be a great missionary. Sending best wishes and love from El Paso.