Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Cali weather is so nice! We are in short sleeves and it is the winter...

MY comp is Elder McCalister, he is an oldie!  He has 2 transfers left so I will probably "kill" him! (Missionary lingo for being his last comp)  He is smart and a good worker but he is on the down hill slide of his mission and getting a little trunky.  I need to get him to finish strong! Pretty pumped to go and fulfill all our appointments!  Oh so Ryan Faimalo served in this mission apparently before he got his visa and there are a bunch of people here who know him

Cali weather is so nice!  We are in short sleeves and it is the winter... We are biking everywhere and it is sort of fun but I miss cars, they are so much faster!  We are working on finding more investigators and we might have a baptism this month.  We are working on one who has taken all the lessons and he is ready, he just has to get the desire! Oh its awesome... I have had ice cream for dessert for like 5 days in a row!  It doesn't help that the last Elders left ice cream in the fridge for us! 

So this week was nuts! I figured out I wont really have any time to study my language so I have to practice when ever I get a chance.  I don't get the extra hour other people do to study their language! So I found a Spanish elder who can speak Portuguese and he will practice with me, which will help a lot! 

Oh by the way my address is: 
6541 Woodruff Place
Rancho Cucamonga, 
California 91701 

The ward I am in is Upland 1st,  It was just white washed by us(two new missionaries who don't know the area or the people) and it is a very strange experience.  I am pulling a mom and TALKING WITH EVERYONE! :)  But I am rocking it out here, serving as well as I can!  Hope everything goes well... have fun without me! :)

Com amo,
Elder Bowden
I got some more pics but I will send them next time!

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