Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's awesome out here I love it!!

Wow Elder Holland, Christensen, and Causse all came to speak on your day...yeah that is righteous, your'e just their favorite person!!  Oh did our stake change names or presidents or anything cuz if they did I have to report it!  Happy "birf" days to you guys by the way!!!...  Ahh Gma made Danish dinner and cake!...send me some danish stuff! :)   Oh while I am saying that, can I have the recipe for danish pancakes because the bishops wife wants to make it for us! :) 

I don't get the hour of study time that normal missionaries get who have to learn a language.  I have to pick it up on my free time, but I am going on splits tomorrow with an Elder who is Brazilian so I will have fun speaking Portuguese and Spanish (he is a Spanish missionary). This week twas sweet, we met a member in the ward who is a boss and he is pretty prepared for the coming days and he speaks to random people like this " Ye sinners have ye not the desire to REPENT!!!" It is awesome that he is so missionary minded... cant wait to go tracting with him and help channel his energy!!!  We are trying to excite all the members of the ward so we can have a strong base to help our investigators!! Fellow shipping is what we need! The work is moving, we just need to push it along faster and get the work going in the ward as well! 

I don't know how I would use any mountain biking skills because I don't get the chance to dodge things much and my bike is sort of broken.  I am in 3rd gear on the left side all day so going uphill is way fun... but it helps me overcome challenges with sheer will power its sweet!!!  It's a mission bike so its old and full of stories but pretty light, so its all good.  Oh I also eat so much food at members houses, it amazes me sometimes... and awesome side fact is I have had icecream for like 10 days straight... living up to the Bowden legacy!!!  If you get a chance could you send the biggest bag of skittles you can find (not original) because we ran out of snacks! :)

Love the Work and the Lord and will strive to do my best with both! Keep rocking it and don't hurt yourselves!!! :) It's awesome out here I love it!!
Com Muito Amo!!
Elder Bowden

Oh Dad, read Alma 38 (Shiblon) have the young men read that chapter and talk about it/apply it to your life or how you want your life to be... it is sweet!!! 

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