Tuesday, February 3, 2015

This week was awesome!!!

This week was awesome!!!  Last P-day I was in the temple getting some sweet revelation! God is helping me realize how much this is His work and that I need to focus on doing everything He needs instead of what I want to do! Temple was probably the highlight of my week... its just so awesome... I love it! The best thing I have learned is how awesome God's tender mercies are and my goal is to try and realize as many of them as I can!  My advice to the young men and what I wish I had done is try and see if they can find the tender mercies God has given them so they grow to love and appreciate Him more. 

Oh this language is cake when a non native is speaking! haha We had our first Skype with a Brazilian and it was awesome!  I understood a lot until she went off for like 2 mins of nonstop Portuguese! Then I just nodded and said yes... it was awesome!  My comp and I are like family now, its sweet!  Oh, I am right there with you, I think I am on Alma 13, but its hard to get the time to read, we are so busy everyday here! And yes you can use my computer for your youth class, but my laptop is stupid, you might want to nuke it! 

All of the packages got here, thanks a bunch!!! I never wear my sweater, it's really nice weather up here! It hasn't snowed since right before we got here!  Yeah they have converters here and I will get one this week. Oh get Mom skittles for her bday that way she can practice her charity and give them to me!!! haha jk give her as much love from me as you can (meaning a huge hug)! :)

 Com amo,
Elder Bowden

This is a picture of our zone!

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