Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Never give up because the Savior never gave up on you!

Oh gosh that is awesome that Grandma Carmen will teach me some steps of Latin American dancing like Brazilian Zambia!  Thank her for me! 

That was a lot of $$$ you made for scouts and high adventure...So can you have an auction for my homecoming fund?? That would be really nice to have some sweet cash! You should have tried to auction off Grandpa, that would have been awesome! Oh and that is great... long distance high adventures are the best and the most memorable.

For seminary, this might be a good idea to do the hand signs with the scripture mastery or have the class compete as teams against each other in putting the words of each scripture in the right older or where each team has to say it from memory one word at a time, sort of like hot potato?  

Oh so this week we had an awesome experience. I was biking down the sidewalk and I look over and there is this creature staring into my eyes for at least a second... then it realizes I am just too macho for him and terror fills his eyes and he turns around....right into my companions bike! Poor squirrel, might have made it but he was no where to be seen... 

Yeah I am learning all I can on my mission, where ever I am, so I can be prepared for everything else this life has to send at me. Diligence is what I need right now, because my comp is about to leave and we need to get as much done as we can and stay busy till the end! Never give up because the Savior never gave up on you!

Te amo,
Elder Bowden
Oh it was so tasty!

This is our massive 4 by 4 at In-n-Out

I just broke it somehow???

Giant chess set I was given by an investigator!

My comp with "Mr. Pain"

My comp after he got his going home phone call

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