Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Oh yeah, tons of crazy opportunities to serve and some good memories here with my comp!

Oh yeah, tons of crazy opportunities to serve and some good memories here with my comp! This is his last week on the mission so we are gonna stay super busy and work hard to the last day! yeah!!!  My comp has his birthday tomorrow and goes home May 3? so this is our last P-day. :o Everyone is finding out my comp is leaving so we are getting invited everywhere!  Oh we got some sweet Polish sausage just like at gramps house, it was awesome! 

We have some less active members who we were able to do some service for... we sort of made them let us pull weeds! I am super grateful that I always had to pull weeds at Grandpas all the time... ha-ha!  You realize that some of the hard/not fun things in life prepare you to be a better missionary... only after you get on your mission! 

Oh, I had ice cream with our "homeboy" Brother Cook.  He is super funny and tells all these awkward stories, but hes a good man and helps out when he can.  He invited me to come back and live with him when I am done with my mission.  I dont think he realizes I have a lot of work left to do :)  He has some funny stories, but I'll have to save those for when I get back home.    

Cicis..... aww how I miss that place!  Well at least I know our record for eating pizza slices is safe because we were like at 300-400 slices as a priest quorum that one time... that was nuts! 

We have a couple investigators that we are working with and hopefully they keep progressing and get baptized! This week was awesome hope your week goes well!!

Te amo,
Elder Bowden

Well all the other squirrels that thought they could mess with us... we fed to this really tiny snake :P This snake belongs to a member in the ward we are working with.  He has tons of awesome creatures...(turtles, tortoise, and Nemo!).

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