Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Lord is preparing me to be an effective missionary I hope!

So conference was awesome!!!  I am glad it had a lot about families and fatherhood and stuff but I don't have to worry about it for a LONG time!!! haha!   I don't have a favorite talk, I liked tons of them and I need to go back and study them more in depth to get the most out of each talk! All the sessions were awesome, but my favorite session would be Monday morning all those talks were loaded with beautifulness!  

Yeah I will get my VISA when my work here is done! I have a whole state to baptize before I can leave so it might be a while... I have realized that I am not doing EVERYTHING the Lord needs me to do, like staying 100% focused everyday-all day is hard but the Lord is working with me to be the most effective servant that He knows I can be! 

Oh thanks for the package, it was awesome!  I gave half of it to my comp, I wasn't sure if that was intended for him or you were just giving me the choice? It was really tempting to keep it all, I mean those twix's are Beautiful things. I am still trying to figure out the new camera. We email at a library so I will have to find a time to send emails through wifi sometime. 

We are working hard everyday and fasting to become better missionaries.  It's been awesome because some of the things my comp said had helped him be a better missionary I had already started doing! The Lord is preparing me to be an effective missionary I hope! He is so patient with me and is helping me overcome my trials with ease, its sweet! haha and humbling.... its the best and the worst! But it's helping me become the man who the Lord needs to do His work during and after my mission! Its super fun and awesome but super hard!  Opposition in all things... we have to have the bad so we can enjoy the good that much more!  As one of the members here says, "Prepare for Glory!" And that's what this life is for so one day we can have the Glory! It's been an awesome week! 

 Anything I can do for you???? Hope you have an awesome week!  I'll try and send some pics!
Com amor, 
Elder Bowden

Noodle Lasagna!!!

We bought tons of cookies!  :)

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