Monday, May 18, 2015

Brazil is crazy!

So I got sick right after our phone call and have been sick for like half of last week, but with different sicknesses each day. "But aint nobody got time to stop workin" so we have been going non stop this last week!  We work hard everyday and sometimes have to run home because we spend so much time teaching lessons. Brazil is crazy!  The language is really hard, especially since everyone has a wierd accent and they pronounce things all wierd!  I am getting the hang of it, learning as I go!  They say you dont get fluent and understand everything till you have been here for 3 months, but I plan to cut that in half! I am just greatful I dont need to make perfect sense for the spirit to touch their hearts.  I got a good chastisement from my companions about taking pictures.  It is too dangerous, so I'll need to be more stealthy I guess or just stop... we will see. 

Oh, I bought a couple apples, a bunch of grapes, and a cantaloupe for like 3 bucks.  It was pretty cool.  Everything is way cheap here. I couldnt find a convertor.  I talked with another missionary who had one and figured out it is best to just buy a razor that can handle both voltages.  If you could look for one because shaving takes way long for me and I want to have as much time as I can reading my sciptures... so if you could please, that would be fantastic! 

I am glad to hear of all the things still moving towards the glory of God!  Keep working and helping! Enjoy the pics!  Oh and as a side note, I get limited time here so my emails might not be as long!   That address is right I think! 

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