Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rough week!

Rough week!  I got a differnent sickness!  My comp isnt happy with me for not understanding the plans he had that he forgot to explain. But its all good because I am learning how to be a better companion for him.  Its really hard for me to understand conversations that are not about the gospel and its hard because no one explains it.  So I am sort of solo for now at learning conversations (not gospel related).  Gospel related conversations and lessons are a lot easier because I have the Spirit to help me understand and convey what I need to say! 

We have a baptism with this awesome investigator this week! She is super solid bearing her testimony to all her family and working towards baptism! She is super stoked... its Pretty Fantastic!

I dont really think there are food rules besides only drinking water that says Mineral on it.  We eat whatever, so I will probably have a few new freinds inside me when I return... but I am not worried about that now. 

Here, almost everyone will listen to you, but few will act on it.  We are trying to find some more golden investigators and I am trying to adapt my teaching that I learned in the states.  My comp likes to remind me that Brazil is not America and things are different here, but its hard for me to not try and help everyone through their problems. Ill try and find a balance. 

Here are a few pictures, 1st is what the coins look like.

 part of a sketchy bridge I failed to take a good picture of

Pics of my sweet life here!

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