Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Fortaleza is just like Mexico

I am fine mom, Fortaleza is just like Mexico except I understand a little more now and I feel totally safe here! The Lord has my back as I obey His rules, so I am not worried... though I would appreciate not being sick :) 

My comp is great!  His name is Elder Torrico.  Ele e muito legal porque ele é aprendendo Inglês, entao eu vou ajudar ele e ele vai ajudar me para estar fluente! (He is really cool because he's learning English, so I'll help him and he will help me to be fluent!)  He is really nice and has a lot of patience with me, so I will be fine. It's hard to get pictures for you since people might rob me if they see me with a camera.  I will continue to have stealth and not look like a tourist, and will get more pics this week if I can :D

My feet are definitely missing my bike, but my feet hurting is a good sign that I am not lazy :P mais ou menos (more or less)  Sorry for speaking Portuguese but I need to practice whenever I get the chance!  I'll try to write my emails with things that are easy to understand if I can. My comp in California, Elder McCalister, is home now in Utah.  Eu vou tentar para receber ele endereço. (I'll try to get his address).  You can pick up my things I sent home with him while you are up there.

Oh you are cutting down trees in Cloudcroft for Father and Sons..... haha I miss cutting trees... sorta... anyways I hope you don't let them do what you did last time and totally miss a turn into the bushes because that was nuts but awesome, for me at least.  

Oh wish the cousins good luck for me and tell Austin he smells like a fish :D

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