Tuesday, May 5, 2015

I did a front flip (with style I might add) over my bike onto the asphalt!

So I really don't know too much about my flight plans except I am supposed to fly into Sao Paulo Tuesday night.  My Mission President said that "I think your going straight to your mission" so my Portuguese is gonna be a little rusty!  I guess the power of prayer is gonna be something I need to work on, because I am gonna be saying some long prayers for help! I know that the gift of tongues is real, and I have already had a sweet experience with that.   I just need to pray for it a lot and strive to study the language as hard as I can when I can.  I am praying for a native comp so I can learn and adapt as fast as I can, since I am already behind every one of my companions!

So my comp and I were biking.  I was on the street and he was on the curb going down hill gaining speed.  I looked ahead and saw that my comp was gonna need as much room to make the turn ahead because he was on the left side of the street curb and we were about to take a left. So I in my awesome planning skills I gave him plenty of time and space and waited till the end to start turning.  But lo and behold my comp didn't know we were turning and commenced in taking a sweet jump off the curb right into my back tire, causing me to try and do a front flip (with style I might add) over my bike onto the asphalt, while he commenced in executing a perfect barrel role (with extreme skill) right on his head! I proceeded to laugh at our awesome display of manliness as he laid prostrated in the street!  I helped him up and we went through our day teaching investigators, because nobody has time to stop and recover until the adrenaline wears off.... Later we were told to take it easy and stay inside for a few days.     It really was a crazy experience... I was fine, but my comp is the one who got the bad side of that adventure! 

 I already went to the store to stock up on goods but I will try and score some peanut butter before I leave. Its sucks to say goodbye to all the people here, but I cant be selfish, so I will go where the Lord wants me to go! Way to be a member missionary!!!! You 2 are awesome, way to be keep up that missionary work! ok and remind me next email about the 2 things you asked because I am sure this week is gonna be crazy!  

Oh and I hope I get to call!  It will probably be at night if I am able to but if not I will try and call from the airport if I can!

Te amo muito!!!!
Elder Bowden
My comp was very sensitive to the light after the accident!
Our district came over to say good bye!  We had a little concussion party!  Notice my comp in the back with a cover over his eyes... still sensitive to the light.
Bro Townsend and his swords!

Our tearful goodbyes!

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