Thursday, July 23, 2015

Brazil is nuts as always but lots of fun!

This week was good but our baptism fell through.  Hopefully it will be this week!  He is an awesome guy who is changing his life and becoming a different person! 

Brazil is nuts as always but lots of fun!   My comp and I say tons of quotes all the time, its great!  We are always looking for more people to help and teach! We love to give each other words to use when we do a contact with someone on the street.  It definitely makes things interesting! We are working a lot, trying new things, learning and becoming better each day! I am gonna stay in this area with Elder Benitez for one more transfer, then he is going home!  He is gonna get so trunky! haha The Lord is preparing me to fight trunkyness because this will be the second missionary I "kill" in the mission! He is really cool.  We weren't really good friends at first, but now we joke a lot and have fun after working! We have made a goal to work hard everyday this transfer, and for my comp not to get trunky!! Its Great!  I am learning a lot! 

Oh my card didn't work.  I don't know whats wrong but can you call Wells Fargo and find out please? Thanks! 
I have some good pics for you this week, but I'll try and get more of Brazil :)

Love you guys lots, have a great semana!
Elder Bowden
PS sorry for the short emails mom! ;)

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