Sunday, July 12, 2015

Missions sure teach you to plead for help from God!

Querido Familia,

I have found that the mission is so much harder for me over here. I am getting really homesick and I miss you guys a lot!!! The good part about it is it helps my desire to work and stay busy, always trying to work, to learn, to focus on everything but myself so I can focus on my mission. Out of country missions sure teach you to plead for help from God because you need it to do His work.

We have lessons everyday and those are usually normal... we only seldom teach people who are really crazy! We are working with a man who is a drunk and hes been clean for a week now and are working with him to keep it up! Bus rides are nuts because sometimes you pack in like sardines and almost get separated from your comp!  Its crazy, they fit like almost 70 people on one bus here, everyone is like sardines, its nuts!

 I am gonna pull a mom. "I want pictures!!!!!" So what's new about everyone? I only get bits and pieces! Ok maybe alittle more then bits but eu preciso mais (I need more)!!! :) So I figured out I still got a long time on my mission so don't be afraid to send me goodies when you can! :)

 I love you guys keep being awesome for me!

Com tudo meu amor,

Elder Bowden

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