Monday, July 13, 2015

This week was good... I had fun continually learning.

Na, it's way different here, almost everyone will let you in to hear a message about Christ but not many are willing to act, even when they receive answers to prayers.  That is true, its not very fun to have an investigator who knows its true but wont go to church... we have plenty of people to teach but not a lot of people who want to change.  It's not finding investigators thats hard, its finding those who are ready to act. We have a good ivestigator who is acting and will hopefully be baptized this week. We will see.  Our mission pres has different views on baptisms, but I will follow what he says. 

This week was good... I had fun continually learning.  Just staying busy, working hard, trying to learn how to be a better man everyday! Good luck with everything going on this week! 
Te amo!
Elder Bowden

Oh and can you find out how much the box weighs and how much it costs for shipping? A member here wants to know, thanks! 

These are some mini pizza things... without cheese and sauce, but they have meat... they are pretty good!

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