Monday, July 27, 2015

It doesn't matter who we have been or what we have done, all that matters is where We are going!

A legal!!!  We baptized a man named Sergio este semana!  It was really awesome to see him and God change his life around.  At the start we found him super drunk, sleeping outside his house, almost in the street. It was pretty awesome to see him as he changed and started living the Palavra de Sabedoria and other commitments to help him change his life and become a member of Gods Church this week! It's pretty great! He doesn't like to smile for photos, so he only looks a bit like a mobster, but he's a great guy! :)
This is the picture Jordan sent... he does look a little mobsterish! :)

We had some sweet days this week, constantly learning, growing and becoming better. It doesn't matter who we have been or what we have done, all that matters is where We are going! Its been very interesting to me to see how as missionaries, we always need to be focused on helping others.  Many of us look only for the next baptism, but as a representative of Christ we need to remember all people are priceless. Baptisms bring joy, but so does charity, and unconditional love for everyone we see. Definitely a thing I am going to work on. I Learned this week as you focus on yourself you loose, but when you focus on others you find more blessings and more love in your life. A great hard week of learning :)  

 It is awesome to hear about how the Lord is blessing you guys! Keep it up because I need As Much Help as I can get!  The Lord has to work with me, a stubborn boy who needs more humility... But I have faith the Lord can make this boy a man one day... a man like Paul said in Corinthians 13.

I wish you the best!   Boa Sorte!  
Elder Bowden 

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  1. Hi Elder Bowden,
    It sure sounds like you are doing well! I was pleased to read about your baptism, and all the growth you were able to see in Sergio as he started living the word of wisdom and keeping other commandments. That must feel really good to know that the Lord was able to use you to help him find the gospel. I love what you wrote about loving all people unconditionally, and serving others. It sure sounds like you are working hard and doing a lot of good. I hope you know that there are many of us back at home who pray for your success and well-being!
    Love, Sister Laurie Jensen