Thursday, August 20, 2015

So this week was great!

So your week sounds really awesome full of crazy things happening!  Ethan looks so old! Whats happening???  I haven't even been gone that long! Oh I sent dad an email about Wells Fargo. and I am gonna try and use it tomorrow.  Hopefully you'll get the email and figured it out by then, but if not, ohh well!

So this week was great! Its getting hard to look for others to teach because we are focused on teaching the people we have and not doing a lot of contacts. Mas eu sei nos podemos fazer mais, e encontrar mais pessoas quem é precisando o evangelho em a vidas deles. Eu tinha um muito bom experiência esta semana com jejuando! (but I know we can do more and find more people who are in need the gospel in their lives. I had a very good experience this week with fasting!) My Portuguese is coming, not perfect, but understanding teaching and creating friendships is a lot easier now that I can understand more.  I still have a lot to learn and gotta try and be more humble so I can constantly ask the Lord for help. I had a great testimony builder with fasting this week and am gonna continue to see the miracles God is sending me when I do my best. 

We found a person (very golden) and hopefully everything will work out and have her baptism this week!! Oh also we are gonna have a mission conference this week with one of the 70... its will be awesome! But they wont serve us food so it will be a little sad :P haha  Everything is working, everything is growing, and I am way excited to work and grow this week! Hopefully everything vai dar certo!
Oh yeah we went shopping for souvenirs this week since my comp is going home in 2 weeks!! We went in the giant Catholic church next to Mercado Central (a huge flee market thing, Brit will know) We took some awesome pics and the other pic is of a family that is always helping us and giving us food, they are really awesome! And they like sour stuff! :)

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