Monday, August 31, 2015

We worked hard everyday atè o pó!!! (Until the end)!

The last week with Elder Benitez was good!  We worked hard everyday atè o pó!!! (Until the end)!  He will arrive at his house Wednesday.  He has one day of flying and one day of missionary tests. We taught a lot but didn't get many new investigators.  This week we will I will have a new comp named Elder Guilherme.  I haven't met him yet and the only thing I know is he is Brazilian.  I will meet him tomorrow, so next week Ill tell you about him! 

Oh, Erica will be baptized this Thursday! It will be awesome!  She is way excited and so are we!  She is a my first good member referral in the mission and she is solid!  She will be a good member! I will have to drop some investigators who don't want to go to church yet, hopefully someone else will be able to help them in the future! 
Well anyways, some of the mission probs are that not a lot of people want to be married. They just like living together, like they are married because marrying is expensive.  Also not many of them like going to church if the church is not on the same street as their house... Brazil is full of different churches!  Its nuts, but it's life!  Everyone has challenges, just got to learn and surpass them!

We said a lot of goodbyes this last week because we thought I would leave also.  I will leave next transfer, so I can teach my comp about the area... its gonna be sweet!  I am excited!  It will be great!  We are gonna work hard and I will learn tons of Portuguese! 

This week we had a delish shrimp pizza... twas fantastic! Ahh bad news, the lan house we went to today has terrible internet so the pictures aren't wanting to load. I wont have lots of time for pics but Ill send what I can. I am really jealous of the lake with the dogs... sounds way fun!  I'll have to put that on my bucket list!  The time is passing really fast and I am enjoying learning and growing here with tons of people! Ill be sure to write more about me week next week.

Te amo muito,
Elder Bowden

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