Thursday, August 20, 2015

The baptism was great and all went well!

The baptism was great and all went well!  Caio brought his family to watch and support him, which was awesome.  It has been a great experience to watch him grow in confidence.  At the beginning, he was really shy and had concerns about being in front of everyone to get confirmed. He has been solid conquering his fears. Also he was not very excited about the idea of serving a mission, but when I was sitting next to him in Elders Quorum he said that he had the desire to serve a mission! It was awesome!  The Lord is always teaching and molding us to change us into someone better.  The only thing we need to do is let Him guide us to those who he has been preparing.

The Lord is just blessing us tons right now!  We got a referral to a Moça (young woman) who is eager for baptism.  One of the few families in our area, who actually seeks to bless lives through sharing the gospel, gave us this referral and said she had others prepared to receive the missionaries... so awesome. The Lord will bless those who try and diligently seek Him. As with anything, only a handful will be prompted to talk with us.  We need to put in our effort to receive all the blessings the Lord has for us. This week was awesome helping everybody and hopefully they can continue seeking the happiness they found.  

A funny story that happened this week was a 9 year old little boys pants fell in the toilet, so he went around church without his pants... aww he was awesome. Oh and I made a mistake.  I had to pay for the package Brit sent, not the one you sent. Thank you both for the stuff, it was awesome! All the candy is almost gone already... it made for good presents. Mas obrigado for everything, it was so good!

I miss you!  The pics are awesome! Ill send some good pics this week!
Love you all com meu Coração! 
Elder Bowden
Oh my comp in the U.S wants to return my suit I think he will call you this week?

Here are pictures with Caio and family

Cashew soda!

Here is the Brazilian version of
Grandpa Arroyo... he has tons of plants and vegetable
 and fruit trees and animals!.... and some of his kids are crazy so it fits perfectly! haha

This is the bridge of death that is really sketchy and looks like it will break every time we cross it! 

a picture from the doors of the church.

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