Wednesday, October 28, 2015

There is a family here that really likes to call me "Bond..... James Bond"

Este semana foi doido mesmo haha my bad....So this week was CRAZY! We found tons of youth ready to be baptized!  We worked really hard this week and my comp was hurting by the end.  We had to take it a little slow on the weekend but now that we had our rest we will go and prepare lots of people to be baptized in the coming weeks! There is a family here that really likes to call me "Bond..... James Bond".  It's awesome because they give us lots of sweets and she likes to make leather ties for me! They are perfect because I cant get them dirty!  

These weeks have been hard for a lot of the RC (recent converts) in the area.  They are having lots of problems and the ward isn't very good at fellow shipping them, but we will find a way to help them both. We baptized 2 kids whose aunt just started her mission, so we are gonna send her a picture of her family being baptized! 

Oh and I am back to truly studying the Book of Mormon!  I have the hunger to find the stuff I missed when reading the last time... its really awesome!  The Lord's been trying to help me learn my potential as a missionary... I just gotta learn to see as He sees! So my comp and I have birthdays this week (his is the 31st) and we received this huge package that we will have to go pick up tomorrow, its gonna be nuts... we will work até o pó! 

Have a wonderful semana! Love Ya Tons!

Elder Bowden

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