Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I got transferred to the city Caucaia

So I got transferred to the city Caucaia. It is pretty close to my 1st area! It's gonna be awesome. I am way excited! I am no longer training so I should have more time to work. It will be great!

It was an awesome week!  We had a baptism Wednesday and Sunday. Vando (brother to our Ward Mission Leader) was baptized Wednesday and the font wasn't totally full and lets just say I am grateful I am doing exercícios because well... I'll just send a picture. And Victor was baptized Domingo with Wellington (a boy who is in the other ward but he wanted me to baptize him). It was awesome. We have a goal of 300 baptisms in the month but its not working very well.  Just a small group of missionaries are doing they're part and Presidente is trying a new method to help everyone stay focused.   He is giving the mission a secret present if we reach the goal. I am gonna need to work really hard so that we can reach this goal! The only problem is I am always hungry and they have lots of good food that is really unhealthy.... but everything is working out and I am really excited to work in my new area.  I am just gonna miss my "roommates" that are really crazy and always doing crazy dances... :D

Oh we ate some good açai..... I hate when I am trying to speak English and I have to write a word in Portuguese, because my brain starts writing in Portuguese, then I gotta go and translate everything again... Can you just pray for the gift of tongues? It would make my life a little easier! :)

I am glad everything went well there! Hope everyone is well and with health! Hey what's DJ's email?? please!

Te amo muito!!! Bom Semana! Não faz coisas doidos!
Elder Bowden

We ate some good açai

Me and my son baptizing!!! (Victor and Wellington)

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