Friday, February 26, 2016

The investigator looks to her side and sees a panther...Ahhhh!

Its been a crazy week!  Lets just start off with my comp, he is Elder Affonso and is from São Paulo. He is cool and he teaches well, but likes to talk a lot!  So we are gonna work on that so I can talk also! :D  Oh I live with a Elder from Scotland! "Ond we oll tolk like this." He has the same time as I do in the mission and doesnt like speaking Portuguese in the house, so I am gonna try and pick up a Scotish accent! Its gonna be awesome! 
I also did an comp exchange and went to the edge of the city and it was crazy! I was with Elder Soper, an American from Indiana, who arrived in Fortaleza 6 weeks ago. I got to spend a little time helping him with the work, which was awesome! At church we were sitting there in a house chapel, and the investigator looks to her side and sees a panther...Ahhhh!!!... not really, but almost... it was a Great Dane that is a pet there! It was awesome,  I almost wanted to get a saddle and give kids rides to church on the dog! (I will accept a Great Dane when I get home:).  We also listened to lots of conference talks because Elder Soper got sick and started throwing up a lot. 
It was just a really crazy but good, strange week on the mission!  We are teaching a preacher and he went to church with his wife. She loved it, so were gonna keep working with them and a few others who are progressing! :) Oh I also found a member who has an ice cream machine in his house..... he's got all the things I want! :P 
Sorry I forgot to take lots of photos.... but I'll try to this week :)
Love ya tons!
Elder Bowden

Oh happy Birf-days para vocês Parabems para você!!! Oh if you can start looking for some waffle cereal for the next package that would be splendid!!!
This is a family that has helped us a lot!

Part of my new area!

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