Monday, February 8, 2016

I know this is where the Lord needs me for now!

Ish, Ryan's wedding,  I am feeling left out....... but I know this is where the Lord needs me for now!  I'll get plenty of time to see the other 2 get married, but if Brit gets married before I get home, I will know this was some kind of trap! :P

It was a good week. We more or less had lots of problems, but I was really happy this week, so the problems don't really matter! We had people yelling at a baptism and lots of people looking to me to fix their problems... I know  the Lord was by my side because everything worked out with effort and lots...LOTS of patience. I had some of my leaders talking trash about me because I didn't let him be disobedient... it was crazy! We have planned the baptism of Vando this week, who is one of the last in his family who is not a member yet! Its gonna be awesome! I am way excited! If we can prepare him, Victor will be baptized as well, who is a friend of Cicera a RC (recent convert).

Oh we also had "almost tacos" today. It was good, but way strange! I'll send you a picture! We also had french bread pizza, like how mom makes it.  It was awesome!!
Love ya tons!!! Miss ya!  Oh, have a great week!
Elder Bowden


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