Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In the attempt to save our lives I said, "Ooooouuuoooooooooh ooouhh!"

The president is doing what he thinks is best. He didn't get a chance to serve a mission but he wants everyone to be effective. Last week our p-day was just 3 hours, to clean, email for 15mins maximum, and buy food. It wasn't the funest, but if Pres thinks it will be best, it should be the best to teach us and help us grow.... But anyways 2 weeks ago our baptism fell through because the mother didn't want her son to be baptized again. Her son was showing her the bible explaining exactly why we should be baptized like Christ and our need to follow his example.... It was very sad but what can you do when peoples hearts are hard and they put their own knowledge in front of Gods... But this week we have some young men to work with and I hope that they and their families will be more open to following God.

It was another week really crazy. We had Daniel's baptism planed for Sunday and when we arrived in church he wasn't there. So we found our Ward Mission Leader to give us a ride and as we were at an intersection, the driver was looking in the other direction(to the right side) and let his foot off the brake.... I looked to the left and saw a truck coming that he didn't see... and in the attempt to save our lives I said, "Ooooouuuoooooooooh ooouhh!" Luckily he used the gift of tongues and understood it meant to stop.... It was very close!  I am just grateful that something left my mouth because we didn't get in the car accident and we were able to pick up Daniel. His parents couldn't take him to church because of the people who showed up last minute.... but it ended well and he was baptized. He will be confirmed with his sister next week! :) It was a week with a crazy beginning and end but it ended up working out :P

I still think Ry should have just got sealed in Brazil so I could go, but I am sure that I'll have an Eternity to pester him and his wife... so I'll let it slide :) 
Love ya lots, have an awesome week!!!
Elder Bowden

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