Friday, June 24, 2016

He saw my shoes and felt sorry and tried to buy shoes for me!

This week was awesome! My new comp is from São Paulo. He is really cool and really nice. We are gonna have a great transfer! haha Everyone who lives with me loves CocaCola. It's crazy.... they drink it almost everyday! My zone is huge, so I am gonna have to use lots of buses this transfer. I have 20 missionaries to take care of in the center of the city! Its really crazy.We have lots of good missionaries in the zone so we should have a lot of success! My mission, I think, has 95% missionaries who have less time than me left, so we are trying to train them a lot but many are getting the hang of it and having success! Oh and we have the secretários in our zone, so all will know when my shoes arrive! haha I had a member talk to me because he saw my shoes and felt sorry and tried to buy shoes for me! I'll send some pics!

We had a baptism this week. It was awesome because she was taught everything but didn't want to be baptized, so we did a district fast and the next day she said that she wanted to be baptized! Liliana is her name. She is a friend of a member. It was a really cool week! We are teaching a family and they love the church, the only problem is that it is a bit distant from their house... but it will work out!!! Was an awesome week... I am way excited for this next one!! Tell dad happy late Fathers day! :)

Love ya lots!!!
Elder Bowden

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