Sunday, June 12, 2016

I got pretty sick this week

This week was definitely one that I wont forget soon...  I got pretty sick this week and had to stay in the house one day.  I wanted to work the second day but had to go back a little early..  The bad news is that no one was baptized. Fransililda's (wife of Josuel) baby got sick so they had to go to the hospital and didn't get to go to church, but said this Sunday will be her baptism.  Josuel received the priesthood so he will baptize her, it will be awesome! I am way excited and we are trying to help the relative of David get baptized too!! 

Not too much happened this week because I got sick but I found my new favorite part until now of the Livro de Mormon: Alma 36-38 is full of awesome stuff! I have been studying that for a couple days and also the conference talks finally arrived to the mission so we can read them! So I'll be reading a lot… it will be awesome!! 

Elder Christiansen will come but they wont let the zones mix for photos or anything but if I can I'll try and say hi! Oh and Bre... Hermana Soto writes me every week :D 

On the bright side, no one who lives with me has money so we will all be hungry and lose weight together :D  But I am happy working hard trying to help more people… it will work out!!

Love you 
Elder Bowden
(This photo is missing a sword)

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