Wednesday, June 29, 2016

A flying roach attacked my comp!

So my package showed up without the shoes........ but the candy, cheese and shorts arrived! It was awesome... we are all eating them! I think I'll make some mac and cheese today!!! It's gonna rock!!! Oh last p-day we played some sports.... and lets just say its been a long while since I have played! I felt like I was really old and needed a walker because I was so sore....

Oh we have a family that is preparing for their baptism this week!!! Erica (mãe) Diego, Diogo (sons/twins) and maybe some of the neighbors that are going with them to church!!! We are having more success with the leaders in our zone. The normal missionaries are having some problems so we will probably have to give a special training to just the leaders as well the normal missionaries next week. Our sacrament had Arab bread, and there was a missionary who took it and just stared at it for like 10 seconds, like something was wrong with it, and  my comp and I had to try not to laugh. We were teaching a RC (recent convert) this week when a flying roach attacked my comp and he freaked out doing a dance because it was climbing up his leg. Then, because I was laughing at him, it attacked me for a bit then took off out the door! It was a very crazy lesson!

We are working with lots of people and we have a bunch that are going to church and are progressing. It's awesome!  Elder Santos and I are gonna have lots of success! He's a little crazy, like me, and he creates friends easily. This week has been crazy...we have a few families that are needing food, and the only thing we had in the house was cookies and chips... missionaries don't eat very healthy here! :P

I got to pass by the road of the temple this week! They started building last month and it is planned to finish in 2018!  I'll try and get some pictures!! Oh I found a Sams and thought of Mom. Another missionary received a package from the US as well, so we have lots of candy :D  Thanks for the package, it was awesome, full of great stuff!!! Oh and I was joking!!! I got the new shoes!!! My bishop was so happy when he saw that I had new shoes that he gave me a hug! He is a good bishop just a little crazy :) I am realizing that I am forgetting how to tie knots :( Every time I have a chance I try to remember how it works.
Love ya lots!!
Elder Bowden


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