Friday, June 24, 2016

We had a conference with Elder Christensen!

This week was awesome we had a conference with Elder Christensen and his wife they talked a lot about the importance of "writing our spiritual plates". It was way cool to hear speakers in English. I got the chance to hear his talk 2 weeks. I took a lot of notes, but its transfers and I forgot my notes in the house.... but I got to see my comp from the MTC! I took photos with him. He is crazy, but really awesome! I didn't see the son of Dad's companion, they didn't give us time to mingle.... but it was awesome! haha I talked with a sister from the MTC who is going home tomorrow. She will go to BYU and I think she and Meag would be good friends!

 Josuel baptized his wife this week!! It was really awesome... he is the man!! It is gonna be sad to leave them and go to the other side of the mission.... but it will work out. I should have a hard working Brazilian comp! I am going to have a big zone but its gonna be fun... haha  The baptism was legit but what was crazy was we didn't have water in the chapel, so we had to spend like 5 hours hauling buckets of water to fill the font.... we had to pull water from like a well in a small bucket to fill a bigger bucket to take to the font.... but it worked out, so I am happy!!

Oh we also had lots of lunches cancel so I had to go buy stuff to make a lunch for everyone because no one had money... it was crazy... This week was good, I read lots of conference talks and read again the epistles of Alma to his son. They are some of my favorite chapters!! It was an awesome week and I'll have a crazy new week in my new area and hopefully I'll get my package there!!

Thanks a lot! Love you lots and have a good week!!!!
Elder Bowden

Pic of my MTC comp

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