Monday, March 2, 2015

I love the scriptures... they rock my socks!

This week was sweet... 1st day we got taken out to Black Angus Steakhouse... oh it was scrumptious!!  After that I went on splits with Elder Millano and he is pretty legit! We talked forever and then had a Portuguese day of studying.  I learned a lot!  We went over a lot of the basics to refresh me because I don't have much opportunity to use what I have.  Oh while I was on exchanges we went to this Mexican family's house for burritos and the dad wanted to pull a prank on me and gave me these chilies to eat.  He was all surprised when I asked for more chilies!  It was great!  There are some awesome people here and its great to talk and get to know them!  My comp and I are gonna tract pretty hard this week to find more people to teach!  We want to take Bro Lopez along, who is this slightly intense member, but he brings a lot of members to church so we will guide him to those that need the gospel! It will be sweet.  An RM (Returned Missionary) who came back this week, said he would go out with us too so it will be awesome! 

Oh I am getting so much awesome stuff out of the war chapters in Alma it is sweet!!! Like I love the scriptures... they rock my socks!  I always feel I don't have enough time to read them!!! The stripling warriors are so legit!  I wish every missionary could be like them, then miracles would be happening everywhere!!!!!

I gave an awesome JW a BOM last week!  She is legit!!!  I gotta check up to see if shes reading it.  If she does she will be golden!!!  Life progresses and so does the work!  Live the gospel and you'll be happy... plenty don't and they struggle being happy.  

Love Elder Bowden

This is my apartment on my first day!
My zone leader Elder Jones

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