Monday, March 30, 2015

Prepare for awesomeness this conference!!!

So guess what??? I Dont have my visa!!!! haha I just wanted to say that! :) I am coming to realize my purpose here (CA) might not be some crazy reason, besides the fact that I need to share the gospel and grow to become a better disciple of Christ.  I have learned this through having to give a lesson in church on the life of Christ (but not focusing on the Atonement).  It was an awesome experience, because as a missionary I learn so much from the Spirit.  Like I do my job and prepare, but when I get there the Spirit takes me a whole different direction and I teach and learn stuff I didn't fully understand until it came out of my mouth!  As I have compared the miracles Jesus performed when compared to the atonement, they appear almost mundane in the fact of how great the atonement is! But as we compare it to our lives today, we often over look the everyday tender mercies of the Lord ... for example in respect to the "New Investigator" we find that day.  Studying the bible is something I have been taking for granted while on my mission, because I am primarily always in the Book of Mormon.  I mean we teach that they are both Testaments of Chris,t but the real question is how often do we use them to support each other in our studies?  This is just something I have found this week that I need to work on, but it is awesome to see how much the Lord is shaping me and helping me realize the path I need to go! 

I am somewhere in 3 Nephi.  I haven't been able to spend my time in the Book of Mormon lately.  I have been currently feasting on all sorts of doctrine!  Its been awesome, but I wish I had more time to read the BoM. Oh well, I have quite a while left on my mission and I can't learn everything in one day like I'd like, but have to grow day by day like everyone else!  Some of the topics were Christ/plan of salvation/BoM/ Special witness that will be given by all the apostles because they are all awesome and have super strong testimonies!   I am so pumped for the Prophets to scold us for not being perfect missionaries, so we can kick ourselves in gear and hasten the work! Ahhh I am ready to feast on their counsel... its gonna be awesome!!!! 

Oh a package... that sounds B-E-A-UTIFUL haha Thanks I would appreciate it a bunch!! 
Prepare for awesomeness this conference!!! 
Com muito amo,
Elder Bowden

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