Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Its awesome here... Love it!

 Its great how much I get out of rereading scriptures on different days, there is just so much to learn from them.... One day when I am an old man.... I will probably still be saying this... haha now I know how Gramps feels! He would probably give me a whack if he was next to me right now... good old Gramps...Happy Birthday!  

 Oh just so you know I am starting to feel like Nephi, you know when he says "large in stature" but.... only in my legs... biking all day everyday changes a man! :D  Like my suit pants are getting a little tight so I might have to send them home before I rip them... maybe? Oh I am keeping the ice cream up but it is starting to effect my gut.   I am on 25 days of eating ice cream every night! pretty impressive?? haha I am trying to over dose so when I get to Brazil I don't like it and lose weight.... sounds like a bad strategy because I don't think I will ever hate ice cream! 

Well bad news, both of our members canceled on us so we had to reorganize our plans.  It's sweet because there is tons of work to be done so we are always busy!  Oh well its awesome that some of the members are starting to like us a lot so hopefully they will trust us teaching their friends. The ward is super important... got to keep working everyday on helping those we can.   Its awesome here... Love it!  Fasting for miracles is awesome... cant wait to get back to work and serve! 

Elder Bowden

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